7 Reasons to start Photography

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Photography is more accessible than ever before. We want to show that ultimately  anyone can start taking some stunning pictures. 

1. Photos have the power to create change

Your photos have the power to create real change. Photography is such a powerful visual tool that your viewers can learn so much from. The rise of smartphones have given us all our individual, personalised promotional platform. Let me give you a brief example, where I combine two of my passions to make a small impact, here and there.

Nowadays we’re always hearing about conservation and protecting our planet. I passionately believe that to protect our animals we need to understand them. I don’t mean just in the sense of what they eat, when they eat and from a biological point of view but also their personality. Seeing animals as closer to humans than not will help protect them. So next time you’re taking pictures of something living – think about the emotion, how can you best convey their personality? 

2. You can capture your family memories

Your kids are always on the move. On Saturday, we have our second parenting interview going out. Mum, Emma couldn’t have put it better “I’d reccomend taking a picture a day of your kids. It could be in any format you like  but it creates a lovely record of how your kids so you can see how they’ve grown. When your mother in law comments on how much they’ve grown, you have the proof!”

3. Getting out of your comfort zone

Taking photos encourages you to go out and visit new places. If you’re not sure where to start, why not google “photo experiences”? It could be something to add to your Christmas list. They’re held in so many different locations – cities, zoos and walks in the countryside. You go with a group of people (or a 1:1 session if you prefer) to take photos. These have such a nice environment as you can all learn together and make new friends at the same time. It’s likely you’ll all have different cameras too so you can help each other out – conquer the same challenges together. Above all, photography encourages you to look at the world a little bit different – see things you didn’t see before. Get down (or up!) to a different angle – look at your subjects from as many different angles as possible! If you want to – it’s even an excuse for that holiday you’ve always wanted to go on. For me – I’ve always wanted to go to Norway to take photos of the Northern Lights – but maybe you’d prefer somewhere a little warmer?


Roses on Whitstable beach from @wildlifeclaire on Instagram

4. You can connect

Photography can link you up with all sorts of people you never would have dreamt of meeting. If you’re just starting out, the good news is there’s so much help around! A simple search on Facebook will connect you to photographers across the world of all levels. You can share experiences, pick up inspiration and get some advice. Some also arrange meet ups. Maybe you’ve just moved to an area – photography could be the key to meeting local people.

5. It’s a rewarding hobby!

You can start with the phone you have right now! For sure, you can invest however much you want into photography but it’s not a necessity. It’s all about your creativity. That’s what’s unique and what will get you some showstopping images. Loads of my family members create photobooks each year with all their favourite photos. Taking them off the screen gives you something concrete you can look back on for years to come. Why not try making a Tremo book to start?

6. Share them with a click


Nowadays, you don’t need to spend a fortune developing film. You can share photos with friends and family at the click of a button. What could be better than instantly sharing your memories? If you’re stuck for ideas, see what’s on Instagram. There’s so many posts under different hashtags – #instasunsets and #photooftheday might give you some starting tips! Some people can use Instagram highlights to group their pictures by topic. Social media is also brilliant at giving you instant feedback on your pictures – don’t be too restricted by the number of likes though!

7. It’s yours

Unlike films which can only portray one, factual angle at a time photography is your own unique brand. It’s the world from your view and no one will have the same images as you. There’s so many creative products you can make from your own photos. Photo mugs, wall art and customised clothing are just some of the things you can do with your photos and you don’t need loads of money to do it! I findloads of ideas on Pinterest to create really unique photo displays. Particularly around this time of year, you can get twigs and branches to help you make a ‘frame’ which you can tie with string. With pegs, you can then attach the photos. I love how unique these look – something you really can’t buy in the shops!

Image result for photo display diy

We’d love to see your photos – tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #tremobooks and we’ll share our favourites!

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