Parenting Insights | Emma

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In yesterday’s post we spoke to Emma, a Mum of three from Cornwall. Every Sunday we’ll be giving you an insight from a Mum and her parenting experiences. 

“…I will always support you don’t ever be afraid to talk to me, you know there’s nothing that you can say which will upset me. I’m here to support you 100%…”

“…I was fostered as a child so I’ve always known that as a Mum I want to be the best parent I can possibly be. Going from foster home to foster home, I’ve always wanted to show them that no matter what you do wrong I will always back and support you. The affection you get from them, knowing that you’ve created this little person. You see how much they love you and rely on you. Even the smallest things, like cooking their favourite dinner (which is anything pasta!) makes them so happy.  This little person you’ve created is so amazing.”


At the Beach (from on Instagram)

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