A few reasons why a photo book is a meaningful gift idea

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Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been.

This blog post is a result of a conversation I was having with a friend of mine, one of those conversations that sticks with you, just like other things in life. We talked about time and how we waste it on irrelevant things sometimes, but that is a discussion for a different topic. What stayed with me is in the following lines:

– “What is the best way to stop time for a second ?”

-“Take a photo” he said, time stops when you take a photo, right ?

Christmas is coming by fast and as we already know, a favorite part of it is presents for family, friends, dogs, and whoever is important to each one of us. So, we decided to give you a few reasons for why we think a photo book could be an award winning thing when talking about meaningful gifts.

No one can ever take your memories from you

No matter what will happen, a photo book will stay with you. Sure, it is going to get dusty, but from time to time, you will take it out and relive those moments. Wisdom and advice from our grandparents, joy of a high school friendship, pain of a breakup (really, don’t put that in a photo book), satisfaction with your children to see them growing up while they heavily helped you to age faster. Delightful, right? These are all small recipes for happiness. Our family and friends equals big parts of happiness. Anything else could make your life easier but not fulfilled. So take a second and go through your memories, do you feel the emotion attached?

Your life is your story

It is personal, no one else has the same story as you. I think there’s a few ways to tell something about a person. There is a saying that I like: “if you wanna know someone just look at who they surround themselves with”. Let me look at their photos, either online or physical and I would probably be able to tell a few things about them, what they like, what they do or how they do it. Like a memoir, but with photos.

Builds better relationships aka big part of life

We’re all humans and I think this applies to all of us. When you look through your memories, those peaceful evenings by the fire or on the porch, you see some of your old friends in. You might want to send a text to some of them, see what’s happening in their lives, if they are close relatives, you probably know that, but you might see things differently. Maybe you’ll realize how much they’ve done for you in certain moments, so that connection becomes stronger. As mentioned earlier, life’s about connections and connecting dots between them, so go ahead, look at some photos. See if you miss someone, shoot them a text and strengthen the connection. It is easy, handy and it’s rewarding.

Great Christmas activity to do with your loved ones

We talked about the importance of connections in life, but there is another small ingredient to complete the recipe. An important event, like Christmas, which is a reason for gathering loved ones around you and tell stories. First, your family, take them all around the Christmas tree and look through photos, take new ones and just be there, I cannot really explain that in words, you have to feel it…sometimes, meeting with family for Christmas, means going back in our hometown, so it is a good time to meet old peeps from high school or college. Meet with them, besides having a great time, you never know what kind of opportunity might arise. Maybe it’s a job related thing, partnership or a recommendation. You never know if you do not try.

Be present here and now, stop fantasizing about future

This might be a tricky one to explain, but let me try. The first rational question would be something like: “If I stare at all these photos and memories, won’t this make me live in the past for a while ?”…well, short answer is yes, but the question we want you to ask yourself is more like “How was I able to do these things? I want to do more…” then the answer lies, here and now, be present, life is now, you create your future memories now, every day. Be more present in your life, take more photos, I don’t really want to say “live everyday like it’s your last one”, that is black and white type of thinking from my perspective, you can’t really be so thrilled about your life every single day, but live it wise enough to be able to create those memories…

Photography is a form of expressing ourselves, when our words can’t find words to say what they feel. (deep one, ha?) Here, at Tremo Books, these reasons are enough to work hard and print memories for people around the world, make them happy and present. Remember, connecting dots.

It’s Nearly Christmas! | #TremoChristmas

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Today marks exactly 8 weeks until the big day and here at Tremo Books, we’ll be giving you all the tools to have the best Christmas.

Every week we’ll be posting with three seasonal challenges – they might make for ideal photography sessions or fun activities for all the family.  Right up until Christmas you’ll have 24 things to get stuck into. Share your photos using the hashtag #TremoChristmas.

This week we’re focussing on the first signs of Christmas. Halloween has been and gone and Christmas fever has well and truly hit the shelves. Have a read of our first three seasonal challenges to kick off the festive period.

1. The Golden Hour

hot-chocolate-1047608_1920Take advantage of the crisp winter air – if it’s frosty, even better. Head out for a stroll. See what photos you can grab while you’re out – close up frosty leaves, trees, rivers and selfies could all make some super cute photos.

If you’re not an early bird then get your photos a bit later in the day. If you’re after those Instagram hits, golden hour light is where you need to be! Just before it starts to get dark there’s always some beautiful light (as long as it’s sunny!). It’s a perfect time to get those autumnal selfies, group shots and leaf close-ups.

If you’d rather stay inside in the warm, there’s so many options for you! Shorter nights make for ideal movie nights. Think making some popcorn for all the family and hot chocolates! A good swirl of chocolate makes for a delicious close-up shot.

2. Christmas Baking Galore!

Right about now you might be thinking about preparing your Christmas Cake. We love using this recipe. If you’re not a fan of Christmas Cake or have another favourite Christmas bake, this is the week to get stuck in! If you fancy turning it into photography challenge, get the kids making it and you taking the photos! Whether that’s the actual mixture, finished products or your kids having the time of the life – there’s something for everyone!


3. Christmas Adverts are here!

Gettting festive before December is becoming easier an easier with Christmas adverts hitting our screens right now. Keep your eyes peeled as they come out. Here in the UK, some companies have made the release of their Christmas ads traditions – take the annual release of the John Lewis advert for one! Some don’t go down so well though. ASDA released their Christmas ad a couple of days ago. In the process of releasing it they sent viewers into a frenzy “forecasting” high levels of Northern Lights activity across the South East of England. Sadly there were no Northern Lights to be seen – but we can carry on hoping!


Check back next week for your next installment of our #TremoChristmas.




5 Reasons Why Photo Books and Gifts are the Most Meaningful of all…

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With Halloween out the way, Christmas has begun (well sort of!). The most organised amongst you will have started thinking about your Christmas shopping. Buying presents year after year can get increasingly harder. There’s so many photo gifts out there – whether you opt for one of our Tremo Books or other personalised gifts. Photo gifts may be the answer to all of your problems!

1. You decide the content!

Time is so valuable – spend it on your family’s Christmas gift and it’s sure to be the most meaningful gift they get this Christmas. What’s better than a gift that you’ve designed? Remember that whatever gift you choose you can be sure that there’s no other product like that on the market. It’s the ultimate in unique – just perfect for the person who has everything!

If you’re not sure what photos to use – think about your loved one’s favourite holiday destination. You could pick photos from somewhere they’ve not been able to visit for a while? Why not use photos from some kind of family event – or maybe a university graduation?

2. Make your holiday memories last a lifetime!

Photo gifts are perfect to make your holiday memories last a lifetime. You can take your photos off your phone to make the perfect coffee table book for you and your family to look through. You could get every holiday turned into a photo book – think of the collection you could build up!

3. You can put down your screens

Stepping away from your digital life is always a good step to take. Taking your photos off the computer will really help you to do this. Digital files aren’t always safe, but tangible photos are! Photo gifts can be treasured for years to come and are way more tangible than a digital file.

4. It’s useful AND personalised

Useful can also look good! With the huge array of personalised photo gifts available, you can get something your loved one can use every single day. From mugs to notepads and gadget cases there’s something for everyone.

If you know anyone who’s just gone off to University this September than photo gifts are a particularly good option. Personalised blankets with their favourite photo will help them stay warm and cozy this winter.

Why not get a Tremo Book for your family this Christmas?

(Photos from @the.becki.edit on Instagram)

5. Gather the inspiration and document progress

Whether there’s a big project coming up or you want to document progress of a particular life event a photo book could be the perfect gift idea. Taking on a big project like renovating a house, building a business, getting in shape or even just dedicating a few months to making a more complete you, nothing is more rewarding than seeing where you started and what you’ve achieved over time.

Photo Books could be a trophy of your loved one’s achievements. If nothing else it’s a chance to put into practice some of the tips we’ve put on this blog! If you’re after a kickstart with your photography keep an eye out for our #TremoChristmas. Every week from today leading up until Christmas we’ll be posting three challenges for you to get stuck into! 

A Photo Book could be the perfect gift for anyone doing some interior design. Having a stack of photo books could be the perfect decoration and momento to treasure forever.

Parenting Insights | Adrienne

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In yesterday’s post we spoke to Adrienne, a Mum of one to Charleigh from Boston. Have a read of this insight from Adrienne and her parenting experiences.  


“…I at times go in to a panic if my husband mentions something that may be wrong with my daughter. It’s like he isn’t allowed to communicate about his parenting worries…”

“Balance has been a struggle as a family. Finding time for yourself, for your child, for your significant other, it’s TOUGH. On top of that my struggle with anxiety and how that manifests itself as a parent has been a definite struggle for us as a family. I at times go in to a panic if my husband mentions something that may be wrong with my daughter. It’s like he isn’t allowed to communicate about his parenting worries. We work on it and have found strategies to effectively communicate. Communication is key!…”


How to Have the Ultimate Halloween Night In

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Not a fan of trick or treating? Well here’s our ultimate guide to have the best – and most spooky fun family night in with the kids! Tag us on social media (@tremo.books) with how you’re spending Halloween.

Carve some pumpkins!

These are always a winner and will keep your kids super entertained this Halloween. You can pick up a bargain pumpkin from your local supermarket. There’s loads of tried and tested ideas on the web for the spookiest designs. Make sure you keep your kids away from sharp knives. Try painting your pumpkins for a totally safe craft. If you fancy being a bit more adventurous but within the boundaries of safety then use some battery operated tealights. It’s also a safer way of putting a candle into the middle of a pumpkin. To keep your pumpkin lasting the longest, scoop out the middle from the bottom.

You could print out a design on standard paper. Get some pins then you can pin prick an outline onto your pumpkin. Use this as a guide to carve out your masterpiece. Have a look at these ideas for some inspiration.

Image result for halloween pumpkin carving

Watch a spooky movie

There’s so many classics out there to keep the whole family entertained this Halloween. Turn out the lights and grab the popcorn. We’ve picked our top 5 Halloween films that you can watch on Netflix.

  1. Hotel Transylvania – this Disney classic is perfect for all the family, so give it a watch and see what Dracula gets up to!
  2. Scooby Doo: Monsters Unleashed – possibly one for your smaller ones, or older kids up for a throwback to their younger years.
  3. In the Tall Grass: If you’re after something a bit more dramatic this could be for you. It follows a pregnant woman and her brother who hear a boy’s cry. But of course it isn’t as straight forward as first meets the eye.
  4. Nanny McPhee – This classic film follows a widowed Mr Brown and his domineering Aunt. Nanny McPhee comes in to save the day – and control the naughty children, sound familiar? 🙂
  5. Haunted – Definitely not one for the kids before bed, but if you’re after a series instead of a film then go for this one. Real people sit down with friends and family to share chilling and terrifying true stories – watch the spooky reenactments.

Our bonus pick: If all this Halloween stuff is too much and you’d rather skip a season – jump straight to watching Arthur Christmas. It’s the story of a boy and his desperate attempts to uphold the Christmas spirit – it’s a must watch!

Try some Halloween crafts or make the costume!

There’s loads of Halloween crafts you and your kids can get stuck into. Cotton wool is your friend. If you have some spare card to hand, cut it out in a ghost shape. Get your kids to stick some cotton wool and some eyes on and you have yourself a ghost! You can always get your kids making a 3D skeleton picture – be it a cute skeleton or scary one!

There’s so much fun you can have with a cardboard box too! A popular morning TV show in the UK called “This Morning” featured loads of amazing costume ideas with a cardboard box. Remember a Halloween costume doesn’t need to be scary, it just needs to be fun! One of my favourites involved turning your kid into a giant lego brick! All you need is a cardboard box and some cardboard dinner plates. Watch this video to find out what they did!

Make some Halloween Snacks

Image result for halloween mummy hot dog"

From decorating biscuits to mummified hot sausages, there’s a world of possibilities out there. Get some ready-rolled puff pastry. Cut it into strips and wrap the pastry around the sausages. Imagine your pastry is a mummy’s bandage. Ketchup will be great for the blood! For the eyes, try a dollop of your favourite sauce or small circles of your pastry. Why not try turning them into fingers and carving finger shapes into your sausage!

Image result for halloween snacks"

For a healthier option, you’ll need some seeds, strawberries, chocolate drops, and apples.

With some careful cuts with a knife you’ll be able to make some scary jaws. Peanut butter or icing is really useful to stick all the bits on! For more details on this make click here.

Parenting Stories | Chapter 5

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Here on our blog we’re shining a light on Mums from all walks of life. In this article we talk to Adrienne. Mum to Charleigh, she’s a digitial creator based in Boston. Read on to see what she has to say on all things parenting…

What does Parenting mean to you?

70331309_543747253028044_7224034080525317209_nParenting to me means being there unconditionally for my daughter, Charleigh. No matter what happens or who she decides to be, I will always be there for her. No tantrum, no rebellious phase, no life decision will ever be big enough to keep me from loving her. 

How did your life change after having your first child?

It would be easier for me to list how my life did NOT change because that would be a much shorter list. Having Charleigh (my first and only child right now) changed everything. One day you’re worried about when you are going out with your friends and the next second you are having a panic attack over a rash on your newborns booty. I mean the differences in my life now are HUGE. Your priorities change over night. 

In your opinion, what’s the most rewarding aspect of parenting?

I absolutely love that I am the person who my daughter NEEDS. She needs me to comfort her when she bumps her head, she needed me when she was hungry for milk, and I hope she continues to need me in different ways throughout her life. That aspect of parenting is wildly rewarding for me. Also that I’m the only one who makes her laugh uncontrollably, that one never gets old. 

How is Parenting today comparing to the way you have been raised by your parents ?

Parenting today feels much more on display. Today, everything is done in the public  eye (because of social media). I feel like there’s much more pressure on doing things a certain way. When I was growing up I don’t think my parents had that additional pressure. 


What was the hardest moment in this journey, as a family, to overcome?

Balance has been a struggle as a family. Finding time for yourself, for your child, for your significant other, it’s TOUGH. On top of that my struggle with anxiety and how that manifests itself as a parent has been a definite struggle for us as a family. I at times go in to a panic if my husband mentions something that may be wrong with my daughter. It’s like he isn’t allowed to communicate about his parenting worries. We work on it and have found strategies to effectively communicate. Communication is key!

What annoys you the most about Parenting?

The strain it puts on your relationship with your husband. It really bothers me that I didn’t even think twice about this juggling act I am constantly doing. How had I not anticipated that parenting was going to be so hard? I lived in naïve land I guess! 

Now is your chance to embarrass your kid – tell me an embarrassing story!

It’s less embarrassing for Charleigh more for me. One of the first times I ever went out with Charleigh by myself I decided to do my hair. We went to the doctor and I had to hurriedly feed her a bottle because we were going to a moms group directly after. Well about 5 seconds after her bottle I put her over my shoulder to burp her and wouldn’t you know, my newborn threw up all over my freshly done hair. That’ll teach me to practice self care! 

How to Photograph Fireworks

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Remember the 5th of November – and your firework pictures! I used to really struggle with these shots until this summer at the Bournemouth Summer Fireworks, but practice makes perfect! Remember that your camera is on a mission to convert your photo to almost daylight. The problem I kept coming up against was camera shake and a completely white photo so using the right settings will help you fight against this! Have a read of my top tips to get the perfect firework photos.  

img_5186Plan and frame your shot

Advance preparation will really help you get the best shots. A quick google will bring up some of your local firework displays. Then scout out the location beforehand and pick the spot you’re after. In Bournemouth, the key for us wasn’t to get as close as possible but to get the best foreground. When it comes to framing the shot – anticipate where the bursts will be. This means you can position your camera in the best place to capture all the action. The best photos of fireworks have something in the foreground – pick whatever that is and set your camera to focus on it!

Switch off your flash and enter night mode

Some cameras have a night mode, if you’re after firework pictures then this is the one you want! If you’re using a phone some of these settings will still apply so keep reading on. You won’t be needing the flash – have a read on to set your ISO. This will act to brighten the scene.


Set your exposure and use a tripod!

Camera shake is something to avoid with fireworks – go for really crisp lines for the fireworks. Go for a medium shutter speed of about 1 second to start of with. Once you have a baseline – try experimenting with speeds of between 1 and 6 seconds. It might be worth investing in a remote release. This will help with camera shake as you won’t risk moving the camera at the moment you press the shutter!

Set your ISO and aperture.

In previous posts we’ve talked about what ISO is  – the light sensitivity setting on your camera. In firework photos a high ISO is where you need to be! Aperture is a bit harder to get right because fireworks aren’t always in the same place – go for a mid range aperture somewhere around f8. Rememeber to experiment – if you need to you’ll probably need to raise this number!


Summer Fireworks at Bournemouth Pier from @WildlifeClaire on Instagram